"Only take on what you know
you can succeed at...

...and if you can't do something, find someone who can to help you."

Which of my skills will help you succeed with your next project?:

  • Writing - 40+ years writing materials for a variety of industries. Projects have included user/operator/service manuals, brochures, websites, sell sheets, ad copy, training books, and everything in between, for any use including marketing, sales, training, and education.

  • Commercial photographer - with extensive experience across many products and industries; someone who simply enjoys photography and is good at it.

  • Ad agency/project management expertise - 20 years experience running the technical ad agency I founded. Always had plan A, plus plans B and C, just in case.

    A perfect on-time project delivery record, despite often ridiculous schedule requirements, over literally thousands of projects.

  • Graphic design and production - expansive experience in all media - print, signage, web, interactive, and video.

  • Software Accomplished - Sustained, in-depth experience in leading-edge software, often from Version 1.0 to present, for image editing/restoration, illustration, video editing, motion graphics, special effects, layout design, digital painting, 3D modeling...

  • Guitarist/musician - Hooked on blues and classic rock, someone who knows his way around a practice room, stage, live sound, and audio editing software.

  • Used to blow stuff up! - Experience as a licensed professional fireworks display operator. I need my fingers to use the computer and play music...

Designing and building workable solutions to challenging problems. Making the difficult look easy; taking the technical to the creative; moving inspiration to reality.

The short version of my story is this...

To date, I have built up in-depth experience in a skillset that spans a wide variety of areas, including:

  • writing, especially about highly technical subjects
  • graphic design and production
  • photography and digital image editing
  • marketing, advertising, and promotion
  • electronics and technology
  • computers and many types of software
  • music, guitar and piano
  • founding and running an ad agency for 20 years
  • blowing stuff up - licensed, professional fireworks displays and fireworks making workshops and seminars

Part of what has enabled that skillset is:

  • I "suffer" from being a tech geek and (somewhat) artistic as well
  • I was a language major before getting a BS in Electrical Engineering
  • I can see the big picture, but won't/can't forget about the details
  • I know which end of a hammer to hold
  • I have never committed to a project I didn't know how to accomplish - not to say that
    I didn't have to crash-learn a related skill, under deadline, during project execution...

The remainder of this website will provide the "meat" to back up these claims.

Take a look around, then call me at 941-500-3443. Let my skills help you be successful.