Representative Website Development Projects

So, how can you use my website development skills? Do you have a business that needs a web presence? Do you have a website that was build with a "drag-and-drop" like Wix and it's time to get past their limitations and "canned" look? Is it time to add functionality like updatable calendars of events, booking capabilities, or a e-store? Do you have images that you'd like to use in a "slideshow" to help get your message across with examples quickly and easily?

The face of the web has changed a lot, and yet, many things behind the scenes haven't. My approach to website design and development is to use what works across all available technologies, no more, no less. I use both software-generated and hand coding to flesh out web pages, again, using what works best in each area. I am proficient in both HTML and CSS coding; I buy and configure highly reliable, ready-made (php) scripts for complex functionality - it's cheaper for you, easier for me, already proven, and faster to get the results we both want.

The examples provided here cover a variety of styles, functionality, and client requirements.

Please note: The initial version of these websites were designed and built by me. Clients are free to edit/overhaul their websites at any time, as they see fit. No guarantees are implied that these websites are the same as when I first created and implemented them.

Website Design Example: Ad Agency

This example is the website for the technical marketing/ad agency I founded and ran for 20 years. This site was our main sales and marketing platform; everything else we did - print ads, mailings - pushed prospective clients here, which in my opinion, is how it should work. Prospective clients could learn as much or as little as they wished about what we did, who we did it for, and how a relationship with us would work.

I have left the site "as is" - that is, it functions the same way it did when it was up and live on the internet.

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Website Design Example: Display Fireworks Company

This is the website for a display fireworks company. Display fireworks are the large ones you see on July 4th, not the consumer stuff you can buy yourself (depending on what state you live in.)

This client needed the website to be color-coordinated with their sales and marketing materials to present a coherent image to their marketplace, hence the yellow background. This site uses an example of a ready-made but configurable email form script module for providing contact with the company and requesting fireworks shows. It also has an example of a "slideshow" on the homepage.

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Website Design Example: Packaging Equipment Manufacturer

This example is for one of our agency clients who made/makes packaging equipment, primarily for the food service industry. This particular website has a number of functional features including two, tandem, homepage slideshows, three-tier menues, and zooming images.

Note that some of the pages on their website have been removed by the client but the menues have not been edited to reflect those changes; these pages will generate "404-Page Not Found" errors.

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Website Design Example: Custom Kitchen/Bath Cabinet Manufacturer

This example is for one of my personal clients who makes high-end custom cabinetry for kitchens and bathrooms. This website also has a number of functional features including two, tandem, homepage slideshows, two-tier menues, and zooming images. The image capture shown here shows the cabinets they did for my personal kitchen.

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Website Design Example: Non-Profit Business Incubator/Client Businesses

This website presented a serious challenge - how to design and present two websites in one - one for the "umbrella" non-profit business incubator itself, and a second that contains the individual mini-websites for the Partner businesses.

This was the first time I designed a dual-menu website. I used color to separate the non-profit portion of the site (red) from the individual Partner businesses (green). The masthead was created to depict both the non-profit and its Partner businesses, and its overall mission. Speaking of color, the yellow background was chosen to match the yellow painted buildings that help visitors find the non-profit campus.

One of the goals of this website was to create a foundation/framework to make editing as easy as possible, since class, workshop, and event information changes several times weekly during the busy winter season. This website uses two-level menues, email form scripts in several places, and an off-line editable, auto-updating, Event Calendar/Ticketing System. This is a continuously active website, and will be revised significantly in preparation for the 2017-2018 winter season.

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