Representative Logo and Trademark Design/Production Projects

So, how can you use my logo and trademark design and production skills?

New product logo or pictoral trademark, new company or corporate logo identity package, product re-branding, updated product, product line or company image-building...

There are companies that specialize in corporate and product logo and trademark design that charge tens of thousands of dollars to do so. There is no difference between them and me, with the possible exception of my final invoice! I will work with you to understand the underlying concepts you wish to convey with your logo or trademark. When you are satisfied with the design, I will produce it for use in any media - print, fax, online, video. I will also prepare the artwork and submit your logo or trademark to the US Patent Office on your behalf.

Logo/Trademark Design Example: Packaging Equipment Logos

These three logos are for various configurations of a packaging system.

The top logo ("AccuWrap") is for a horizontal wrapping machine. Products enter the machine on a conveyor, and plastic film from a continuous roll is brought up from underneath and over the top of the product to form a pouch. The pouch is sealed on the top, folded over, then crimped and cut on the ends.

The middle logo ("Dura Pac") is for a specialized configuration of packaging conveyor system.

The bottom logo ("RightMove") is for a specialized product in-feed conveyor system that takes randomly placed product along the conveyor and manipulates it in real-time to provide evenly spaced product synchronized to the wrapping machine that it feeds.

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Logo/Trademark Design Example: Motorcycle After-Market Products

This logo was developed for an American-made line of after-market motorcycle products, specifically for Harley-Davidson® bikes. The combination of the logo composition and the "Rider's Guardian" name itself were required to evoke ruggedness, Made In America, reliability, and strength.

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Logo/Trademark Design Example: Solar Power Inverter Company Logo

The start-up company designed and distributed advanced technology solar power inverter systems to the then fledgling solar power market. Sometimes less is more; the simple change from a straight line to a 60Hz AC waveform for the crossbar in the "A" in "Advanced" was sufficient to portray what the company did.

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Logo/Trademark Design Example: Laser Printer Image Processing Components Manufacturer Company Logo

This company made large-scale integrated circuits for image processing inside most laser printers. Anyone familiar with a color laser printer would recognize the Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black primary ink toner colors.

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Logo/Trademark Design Example: Viscosity Measurement Company Logo

This logo is for a start-up that made a (new) semi-conductor based viscosity measurement system. You know the colors that happen on the surface of an oil slick? That's what we were trying to convey here. Surface attributes, and specifically viscosity. They were happy with it. This is another example of the work of my very talented graphic designer, Roberta DeWaters.

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