Representative Fireworks Experience

So how do you use my experience in professional fireworks? Actually, this is the only skill I have that I don't intend to use again...

Don't get me wrong - I love fireworks. I had wanted to learn about them since I was a kid. When I was suddenly left to myself to "start over "in my life, I knew it was my one chance to do so. I found a terrific company to apprentice with, put in my time, and took the New Hampshire certification exam and obtained my Display Operator's License.

In addition to working as a professional display operator on a variety of beautiful shows, I also belonged to the New Hampshire Pyrotechnics Association, an amazing group of folks who build experimental fireworks as a hobby. They are safety-first, no nonsense people when it comes to the fireworks, but a great bunch to party with, when the fireworks are over.

I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn about fireworks - how to shoot them safely, how to make them safely, and to understand their limitations. More importantly, I learned about my own limitations. A couple of bad experiences as the lead shooter on a couple of July 4th weekend shows for my employer made me realize that I valued my body parts too much to loose any of them. So, I am no longer active in the industry. If you want to learn about them, I am happy to teach you... on paper. In the meantime, I happily use my hands with all fingers intact for my first love, music.

I was very serious about it: Follow this link to the fireworks company that I had started in New Hampshire. Photographs of fireworks that I have taken at various national and international events are found on the photography page.