Representative Interactive, Motion Graphics and Animation Projects

So, how can you use my interactive, motion graphlics and animation skills? Interactive presentations for sales, marketing, advertising and training, motion graphics and animation for video presentations, process illustration, key point emphasis in presentations, instructional how-to's, video illustration, special effects, product animation, legal proceedings...

Motion graphics and animiations are used every day in TV commercials, Hollywood movies, TV programming of all kinds, court proceedings, educational training, and are everywhere on the Internet. Animations can be very simple or incredibly complex, depending on the subject and where and how they are used. They can be very short in duration, or can span the entire length of a video. They are the "moving" form of illustration.

When motion graphics/animation and stills are used in conjunction with interaction from a viewer, an interactive presentation results. The interaction could be as simple as moving from one section of a presentation to another, or could involve complex logic based on answers to questions or other choices presented.

The examples provided here cover a variety of styles, requirements, and uses. They're fun to develop and build, and very satisfying projects.

Animation Example: Sales Presentation

Duration: 0:43

This sales presentation was developed for an Austrailian client whose business provides a platform for connecting professional consultants in a variety of fields with potential clients. My client provided a VO (voiceover) script as an audio file and the key points he wanted the presentation to cover. From these, I generated the storyline and support graphics, and built the presentation. The resulting animation was used on this website.

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Motion Graphics Example: Attention -Grabber

Duration: 0:06

This six second motion graphic was a proof-of-concept/example I created to use in selling the advantages of motion graphics.

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Motion Graphic Example: Webpage Header Animation

Duration: 0:14

I developed this and similar motion graphics for the headers of each section of our ad agency website. This one was for the interactive section.

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Animation Example: Sales/Educational Presentation

Duration: 2:00

This animation was developed for a language tutoring website. The goal was to quickly show prospective customers how the website's approach to second language learning would make language acquisition fun and much easier than other methods. The client provided a VO (voiceover) script as an audio file. I created the visual storyboard, all support graphics, and assembled the animation.

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Interactive Presentation Example: Corporate Capabilities

Duration: 05:14

This is an example of a presentation with limited interactivity. The viewer can start and stop the presentation, and select individual sections to view. At the end of the presentation, there are several "hot" links from which to select a follow-up action.

In order to display this example on this webpage, the "interactivity" had to be removed.

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Motion Graphic Example: Webpage Header Animation

Duration: 0:28

I developed this and similar motion graphics for the headers of each section of our ad agency website. This one was for the website homepage. This one was a bit more complex than the other example of a similar animation.

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Video Analysis Example: Fireworks Development

As described elsewhere in this website, I have held a Display Operator's license in New Hampshire, which simply means, I can legally use professional and experimental fireworks and explosives. For several years I belonged to the New Hampshire Pyrotechnics Association, a great bunch of folks who pursue fireworks making and shooting as both a hobby, and for some, a profession.

One of the members is a world-renowned and acknowledged expert in fireworks rockets. One of his many experiments was to make all of the stars/comets in the fireworks rocket burn at the same rate, starting and stopping "in sync". This had not been done before, since the chemical

compositions that burn with different colors burn at different rates. His experiment was to make comets of the same size of each of the primary fireworks colors - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet - burn at the same rates so they would start and stop together.

To determine how closely each of the burn rates for each color matched the others, I recorded the test firing, then used video software to analyze the footage.

The results of the analysis showed that all six colors burned at the same rate to with about 10 milliseconds of one another - a fireworks first!

Duration: 0:12

This is the video of the test, in real time.


Duration: 0:21

This is the same footage, slowed down, displayed with a frame counter and the formula used for calculating the duration of the comets burn time.

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Animation Example: Motion Graphics and Animation Capabilities

Duration: 03:41

This is an example of what happens when I have too much computer processing power, resources, and time on my hands. My initial idea was to build a motion graphics piece to sell the capabilities of the ad agency. As you can see, it got out of hand fairly quickly... Thankfully, I never finished it and unleashed it on the world.

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Motion Graphics Example: Proof of Concept

Duration: 0:57

I came out of a meeting with one of my long-term clients where we had discussed doing a "video" sales piece. I put this together to show them one way it could be done.

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Motion Graphics Presentation Example: Facility Tour

Duration: 02:47

This Facility Tour came out of the previous example. Certainly a different, more "corporate" style, but the previous example gave us something to use as a starting point, and ideas for what we wanted and didn't want in the final piece.

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Motion Graphics Example: Product Training/Overview

Duration: 03:17

Long-term client relationships and the resulting in-depth knowledge of their products and markets gave me the opportunity to take on important projects for clients, often with nothing more than a "we need thus-and-such, and we need it for the product launch in three weeks." This particular opportunity enabled me to design the presentation, write the script, hire a VO (voiceover) artist - a former public radio personality - record him, take the photos, create the graphics, and produce the presentation from start to finish.

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Animation Example: Presentation

Duration: 03:13

This is a motion graphics presentation which presents the various types of motion graphics presentations that can be created!

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Video Editing/Titling Example: Fireworks Disposal

DON'T ever do this; it's too dangerous. Please, DON'T ever do this. Those involved were educated in and understood the risks, and how to do this in relative safety.

Duration: 27:07

This is six hours of video edited down to 27 minutes. It shows the disposal of consumer and professional display fireworks that were damaged by rain. Since they are considered hazardous waste, they have to be disposed of according to very strict regulations. In lieu of that process, these were exploded/burned in an open fire. The video is an example of editing and titling.

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